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Outdoor bbq Kitchen

Cocoa: Savor happiness in every bite

Success in life is not only measured with material riches, but also with wealth of experience.

Therefore, to be a good chef you need the best outdoor bbq kitchen. Experience in your hands the power of the most strong and advanced professional gas grill.

This luxury outdoor kitchen can incorporate either a gas or coal grill. You choose!

Cocoa will allow you to have incredible temperature control over food so that you can cook appetizing dishes that are certainly at another level.

Cocoa Island 2

Design barbecue

The art of beauty

Cocoa barbecue island is a masterpiece of design that expresses power, elegance and minimalism. This stunning luxury outdoor kitchen is made of high quality materials and masterfully finishes. Cocoa has been created with the purpose of anticipating every chef’s needs.

This dreamy outdoor bbq kitchen represents the evolution of alfresco kitchen. It incorporates the most advanced professional gas grill, with breathtaking performance and a cutting-edge combustion system that will allow you to have a total control of food temperature.

Cocoa exterior kitchen will allow you to cook the most delicious dishes of traditional cuisine effortlessly with the authentic taste of grilled food.

Cocoa Island 3

Stainless steel gas barbecue

Experiment the power

This gas barbecue is made of stainless steel AISI 316 Marine. This professional bbq is equipped with 4 high performance stainless steel burners featuring incredible power.

Since each food requires specific cooking temperature, this custom bbq island incorporates 4 stainless steel controls with automatic electronic ignition system.

Cocoa also integrate the latest technology in progressive regulation of flame that will offer you absolute control of the temperature you apply to food with a single touch.

50% of the surface of this outdoor bbq kitchen is made of grill and the other 50% of Teppan-Yaki, all in stainless steel of the best quality.

For better functionality and practicality, the grills have a roof geometry, which will lead fat and liquids of food to the front, where they will be collected by a channel.

By preventing fat from falling into the burner area, cleaning and maintenance will be minimized, resulting in the best barbecue experience ever at all levels.

If you like to cook with charcoal, our high performance coal combustion system will leave you speechless.


Maximum Power


Heat Output

Cocoa Island 4

Large bbq charcoal

The authentic flavor of traditional kitchen

If you enjoy cooking with the embers of a good quality charcoal, our high-performance coal combustion system will leave you speechless.

Our best Engineers have designed the perfect combustion system, entirely made of stainless steel, capable of transmitting a maximum and continuous 550-degree temperature to the grill.

With its spectacular calorific power, you will have the highest control on food temperature. Forget about raising or lowering the grills. With Fesfoc third generation combustion system you will achieve a constant grill temperature of 550ºC.

Let your imagination fly and start cooking grilled meat or fish with the most divine taste of traditional cuisine. Our professional grills will make you cook like a chef effortlessly.

Cocoa Island 11

Great Heat Output

Cocoa Island 12

Maximum Performance

Cocoa Island 13
Cocoa Island 14

The best bbq countertop

When cooking becomes a unique experience

You cannot ask for more. The impressive Cocoa outdoor bbq kitchen has everything you need to reach to the top in the world of cooking.

Absolutely practical and functional, it incorporates a large bbq worktop of intense black granite so you can comfortably prepare food, cut, marinate and leave trays or plates; as well as a huge lower shelf made in one piece.

This outdoor kitchen countertop has a mirror-polished finish, offering luxurious look and unmatched refinement. It is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion, and extremely easy to clean, so that it always looks as new as the very first day.

Cocoa Island 15

Modern bbq island

Endurance until the limit

A fundamental part of this modular outdoor kitchen are its structural legs.

Created with stainless steel tube, they have been welded and hand-polished 9 layers by our master craftsmen with the mindful purpose of offering you an impeccable finish, where luxury and refinement combine perfectly.

Cocoa Island 16

Advanced Engineering

Cocoa Island 17

Weather Resistant

Bbq accessories

Maximum customization

Customize your outdoor bbq kitchen to the fullest, providing it with all the elements you need, so you can enjoy the best culinary experience.

Look at our catalog and choose from endless grill accessories to add to this marvelous stainless steel bbq.

Cocoa bbq island can incorporate a stainless steel sink, with different types of design faucets to choose from.

You need to be able to store all your kitchen utensils as well as trays and plates so that the kitchen area is always perfect and tidy.

You can choose from a wide range of stainless steel AISI 316 furniture featuring either drawers or doors and shelves, designed to integrate seamlessly in the minimalist lines of professional bbq Cocoa.

The high quality of its materials will ensure that Cocoa looks always new, becoming a spectacular piece of design in your garden or terrace.

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