measures planter lighthouse 


Fesfoc firm launches on the market an innovative light planters not only characterized by its luxury and design, if not that they go much further with its light applied to enhance spaces of a very special and unique way. The gardeners “Lighthouse” of rectangular shape, manufactured in stainless steel, corten steel and painted steel of the color that the costumer wishes, succeed in creating a unique and elegant place in any environment.

Lighthouse flowerpot are perfect, its rectangular shape, to divide space, ideal for a revolutionary type of decor, chord of both interior and exterior. His impeccable finishes are designed to enhance the environment where they are going to be located, are resistant and durable, an ideal alternative that gives us an avant-garde touch and breaker to anywhere. One of the esthetical aspects to be emphasize of these flowerpots is its lighting, an innovating way to enhance any site, giving a sufficient light to be the center of attention of all eyes, without leaving aside the miter in its bottom, which gives it an effect of buoyancy, exclusive of Fesfoc firm. The simplicity of these incredible and fascinating gardeners design makes them an ideal complement for the decoration of indoor environments, such as homes or cultural venues, as well as exhibitions, museums, landscapes… Perfectly combines the harmony of the classical and the beauty of a modern and avant-garde design. There are conceived to withstand meteorological inclemency such as cold, heat, rain, without losing its beautiful appearance, so much it is, so with them we agree an attractive, luxurious and natural place. Fesfoc launches a fantastic, sophisticated and illuminated planters, with a single and unique objective, satisfies the most demanding costumer.

In turn, they are though to define spaces, both in design and elegant environments.