Outdoor kitchen Kauai

Designed thrill

Kauai’s extraordinary luxury outdoor kitchen is the result of the relentless desire to create greatness. Fesfoc’s Team of Engineers, in their constant quest for perfection, has designed this stunning professional barbecue with powerful, exquisite master lines created to thrill.

Spectacular to the limit

Every detail is meticulously designed to be exceptionally unique. Its innovative design puts this design outdoor kitchen at the forefront of the technique, incorporating a breathtaking, 360 degree buoyancy effect, distinctive Fesfoc’s design, which represent power, luxury and minimalism in its purest form.

Kauai Island 9

Maximum Performance

Kauai Island 10

360º Float effect

Kauai Island 11
Kauai Island 12

Awesome power and performance

It’s extremely practical and intuitive from minute one. It is designed to guarantee the best performance thanks to its impressive professional AISI 316 stainless steel gas barbecue. Powerful stainless steel burners with the latests features will ensure the best cooking performance. Food requires the optimum temperature so that you can cook like a pro. Fesfoc has accomplished to create the ultimate stainless steel gas barbecue. Kauai incorporates a high precision electronic system of progressive regulation of the flame and spectacular huge grills and iron grill made of massive stainless steel. You simply become the best chef.

Kauai Island 13

4 Burners


Maximum Power

Kauai Island 14

High performance


Heat output

Craftsmanship in its pure form

Fesfoc’s master craftsmen have worked with the best and most exquisite materials to create an impressive countertop that will be your sanctuary, your space, where you can rewrite the rules of the kitchen. Let your imagination run wild, preparing delicious, tender meat, mouth melting fish, freshly caught vegetables from your back garden. Cook with the authentic barbecue flavor like never before. Just enjoy life, savoring the best traditional cuisine with your family and friends.

Dreamy features

Design outdoor kitchen Kauai is a real visual, sensory experience. Its impressive linear 2.4m of cabinetry made of AISI 316 stainless steel will provide a large storage area, so you always have your kitchen utensils perfectly ordered and classified. Choose from full extraction drawers and cushioned closure or design doors with stainless steel shelf. It is undoubtedly an unrivalled outdoor kitchen, where luxury and aesthetic refinement work perfectly.
It’s time to live life big, because you deserve it!. Uncork a champagne bottle or grab a cold beer and enjoy with your friends at Kauai island’s large bar.