Presentación de la firma

FESFOC has been created to fulfill the market requirements, in a world, in which avant-garde and technology do have an important place in our life.

Fesfoc set the trends, as supported by press articles and specialized magazines. Continuous improvement is our philosophy and our customers are the most important things to us.

The contemporary minimalist design of our products integrates easily into the most sophisticated environments.

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Our outdoor kitchens are entirely fabricated in Barcelona using the best quality materials for longer durability. They are thoroughly designed so that its main lines combine harmonically with architecture and landscape.

Internationally considered as a leading brand in innovation, technology, and aesthetics, our outdoor kitchens are fully adapted to modern standards, becoming a new concept of outdoor cooking.

We are aware of environmental issues. Therefore, our products are ecological and easy to recycle.

Adaptable to the style of your home, regardless of the chosen location for your barbecue, Fesfoc provides a wide range of possibilities for adapting the barbecue to the characteristics of your home.
Fesfoc commitment results in high-quality products with the best performance, providing the maximum reliability to the customers.

Performance, comfort, design, durability, security, and ecology are essential criteria to us. Our purpose is to anticipate the aspiration of our customers.
On our website, you can purchase the product that best fulfills your requirements.

Fesfoc headquarters are in Torrelles de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain).